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7 miljard mensen, presentatie van het rapport van het UNFPA in Scheveningen, woensdag 26 oktober.

Zie de engelse tekst hieronder. Jan Juffermans was een van de sprekers.

‘A World of 7 Billion’

Soon, the world’s population is projected to reach 7 billion. This is a billion more than in 1999 – only 13 years ago. What does it mean to live in a world of 7 billion people? What does this growth mean and what are the prognoses?

On October 26th, Mrs. Monique van Daalen (Deputy Secretary General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs) will accept the first issue of the report ‘State of the World Population’ that has been fully dedicated to the theme ‘living in a world of 7 billion’. This report is published annually by the UN Population Fund (UNFPA). Mrs. Mari Simonen (Deputy Executive Director UNFPA) will give a statement on the report.

As our numbers grow, so do the challenges facing humanity. What are the consequences of population growth for equality between men and women? For achieving the Millennium Development Goals? For climate and environment? For our consumer behaviour? And, finally, for the world economy? Will improved global sexual and reproductive health and rights offer a solution to the issues facing us because of the growing world population?

Population growth, global public commodities such as water, food, and energy are inextricably interrelated, as are women’s rights and the right to make choices concerning sexuality and having children.

Het UNFPA rapport kan worden gedownload, het is een pdf van 132 pagina's.